Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy in Omaha and Northeast Nebraska
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When it comes to quality outpatient Physical Therapy in Northeast Nebraska and Omaha, you have a choice!

Let us show you how Nannen and Harte is different.

We provide you with "hands-on" therapy as well as progressive exercise programs utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in a relaxed, non-clinical environment.

"Our ultimate goal is to help you learn to help yourself."

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Kurt Harte and Dave Nannen

We're Kurt Harte and Dave Nannen. Together, with a wonderful staff, we operate Nannen & Harte Physical and Aquatic Therapy. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to introduce you to our unique approach to outpatient Physical Therapy, Aquatic, Sports Performance, and Rehabilitation services.

Many people are unsure about just what physical therapy means. In the simplest terms, it's all about helping people take better care of themselves. Traditionally, physical therapy deals with relieving pain and improving function: rehabilitation after injuries.

We promote overall fitness and exercise programs to heighten public awareness about prevention and wellness. Approximately 70% of the cases we see involve poor posture, poor body mechanics, decreased flexibility, decreased strength and generalized decondition. Let us help you make changes in these areas to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Together we can all decrease the staggering costs of health care. (and look and feel better)

We specialize in Orthopedics, sports medicine, exercise and manual therapy and emphasize active participation in the rehabilitation process. Through education, hard work and training, we work with you to reach specific goals. We all have to be more responsible and take charge of our own well being; There's no such thing as a quick fix where your health is concerned.

Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy in Omaha and Northeast Nebraska
(402) 426-3488
636 N 20th Ave
Blair, NE 68008
Omaha (JCC)
333 South 132nd
Omaha, NE 68154
Chatt Center
1124 South 13th St.
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